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The farmers below have committed supply to Taupō Beef - to learn more about Our Story and the background of Taupo Beef, please click here.

Mike & Sharon Barton - Glen Emmreth Farm

Mike and Sharon Barton live on the north western side of Lake Taupo where they own a 142 ha beef finishing property overlooking the lake.  More than 20% of the farm is in conservation and riverbank plantings. Their farm has been the site of a seven year trial by Ag Research Ltd looking into methods of mitigating nitrogen leaching from beef farming systems.  In addition, Landcare Research have established a permanent deep drainage laboratory / lysimeter facility on the farm so as to continue researching ways of lessening the environmental footprint from food production.


Mike was Chairman of Taupo Lake Care (TLC) from 2006 – 2009; the group responsible for representing farmers in the process of developing legislation around Lake Taupo’s water quality.  He was also a Trustee of the Lake Taupo Protection Trust from 2009 - 2015, charged with removing 20% of the leached nitrogen from the Taupo Catchment by 2018.

The Truebridge family - Te Hapua Farm

The Truebridge Family are 2nd generation Taupō farmers.  James Truebridge was brought up in Te Hapua Farm and has farmed in the catchment all his life. He and his wife Sue Yerex have been heavily involved in the Lake Taupō Protection Project over the last 15 years.


Sue is a trustee of the Lake Taupō Protection trust.  They take a long term view of the need to develop a healthy relationship between the lake and farming.


They with their two sons make the most of living next to such a beautiful lake and wonderful outdoor environment.

The Martin family - Kinloch View farm

Kelvin and Denise Martin, with their two sons, Bradley and Daniel, own and operate Kinloch View.  Kinloch View is a small (130 ha) beef finishing farm on the hills above Kinloch, Lake Taupō.


For many years the farm policy revolved around dairy support but a recent change to finishing beef cattle has enabled us to halve the farms nitrogen footprint. All our cattle are supplied to the Taupō Beef market.


The Martin's take pride in this achievement and their little family run farming business. They look forward to continuing to produce top quality beef in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Cooper family

James and Elissa Cooper have farmed within the Taupo Catchment for the last ten years.  They own 131 hectares and lease a further 200 hectares all on the Northern side of Lake Taupo. The farming policy revolves around a lamb finishing operation as well as a beef breeding / finishing operation.


In addition, James and Elissa have developed a highly successful craft beer brewery known as Lakeman Beer (www.lakemanbrewing.co.nz)  Water is sourced directly from Lake Taupo to brew their collection of beers and that water has been a key ingredient in the brewery' success and this has been brought about by the careful management of the Lake Taupo Protection Trust and the farmers within the catchment. 

James and Elissa along with their three girls love swimming, kayaking and boating around the Lake and realise the significance of farming in a sustainable way to care for this wonderful resource for future generations.

Hurakia Trust

Manager Nathan Wyllie and his team look after a 2000ha Maori Trust beef and sheep farm with a multigenerational commitment to the Lake Taupo area. At least 25 percent of the property is in either conservation or riparian plantings.  They have been involved with Ag Research to test ways of mitigating nutrient leaching from hill country beef systems.


Hurakia Station is one of our breeders of Taupo Beef. It is both a breeding and finishing operation and half the angus cows are sired by a charolais bull. The progeny are transferred to other Taupo beef Farmers.  They also provide provide finished/prime Taupo Beef and Taupo Lamb