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Taupo Beef & Lamb

Protecting water quality by rethinking premium meat


Taupō Beef and its farmers' have been the recipients of many awards and recognition for their commitment to sustainable farming practices.


Taupō Beef is currently stocked in selected retailers and supermarkets in Taupō, Auckland and Wellington.

Taupō Beef is also a feature on the menus in some of New Zealand's best restaurants.


Taupō Beef's unique business model and unwavering commitment to sustainable farming practices has been the subject of many articles stories and videos.



To produce an exceptional product from a pristine environment.  One that can be traced back to our farms. 

Here at Glen Emmreth farm, we believe that consumers want to know and deserve to know ‘where’ their food comes from, how it is produced and what has gone into the product.


We believe making good food choices are critical to treating your body right and living life to its fullest. With traceability back to our farms, we can promise the end consumer certain attributes of our product – the things we believe are important.


Taupo Beef is:    

  • Grass-fed (no external supplements or Palm Kernel)

  • Aged to improve tenderness

  • No Antibiotics

  • No Growth Hormones

  • Predominantly Angus / Charolais X cattle

  • From a Consented Farm operating under new environmental regulations to protect the water quality of Lake Taupo.

  • From an area surrounding the lake, known as ‘The Taupo Catchment’.


Choose grass-fed, free range Taupo Beef and know you are supporting farms that are protecting the clear blue water of Lake Taupo for future generations. 

Who is the real Polluter; the Farmer or the Consumer?
Mike & Sharon Barton TEDxTauranga
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Mike & Sharon Barton Taupo Beef

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